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    Getting around a lack of space for a dining table by shoving it up against the wall.

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    House EP, Nova Lima, Brazil by Morato Architecture.

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    Santa Rosa residence, CA. Jennifer Robin Interiors.


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    Waterfront House On A Mountain

    The “Till House” is a single storey house imagined by Chilean architects from WMR Arquitectos on the Los Arcos’ cliffs. This wooden residence is suspended on the cliff, away from prying eyes, and offers an amazing view on the sea thanks to the terrace and the bay windows installed in every room.


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    Bedroom #interiors


    1. Justin: If a 30 year old person, or a 31 year old person, like myself finds someone who wants to be with them, it's like, oh thank GOD! Oh God, I'm not going to be alone!
    2. Travis: Please sign this.
    3. Justin: Please sign this, please please live with me! I don't want to die! I don't want to die in front of my my Maury Povich!
    4. Travis: I can't stop eating frozen pizza!
    5. Justin: All I've been eating is frozen pizzas!
    6. Travis: Just love me so I'm safe!
    7. Justin: I'll throw out my Totinos just please don't leave again!

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  11. i miss you



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    Glacier National Park, Montana | Steven Davis

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    Jülich, Germany | Andrea Fettweis