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    You will be okay <3

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  6. Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, ‘Is life a multiple choice test or is it a true or false test?’ …Then a voice comes to me out of the dark and says, ‘We hate to tell you this but life is a thousand word essay.’
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    Hurry up

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    Long time followers know that a year or two ago I started up Skeletor is Love and although I no longer spam you all with it over on this account, it exists as both a tumblr and a facebook page which I maintain regularly and whose fanbase -somehow!- continues to grow.

    I’ve probably also told you about my sister - an amazing mental health guidance counselor - who was the inspiration for Skeletor Is Love. Unbeknownst to her at the time!

    Well, this year my sister and I are participating as a team (The Twisted Sisters!) for the National Alliance on Mental Illness annual NAMIWalk.  She does it every year, though this will be my first time.  Raising awareness for mental illness is a cause that is very near and dear to both of us, to our family, and, as you can imagine - to Skeletor Is Love.

    People reach out to me constantly wanting to donate in some way to Skeletor Is Love; telling me they’ve printed up the images to give as gifts and they want to pay me for it, asking if we were ever going to sell tee shirts because they’d throw money at us if that were the case, all kinds of offers for support.  We are never going to put a donate button on the sites and we are not here to take your money, but if you are serious about wanting to contribute, please consider donating to our team and lending your support to the mental health community.

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    Samsung Gear Fit review
    Dreaming of the perfect wearable

    tl;dr: it’s shit




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    Skeletor Affirmations (by ghoulnextdoor)


    A special Sunday edition of Skeletor Is Love. Thanks for your patience while we were gone for a few days!



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  15. Of course I am not part of the plan