1. Besides the obvious episode where Simon crash landed on the moon, and the one where Lewis got really angry about oil, I really liked the Meteor Shower episode. A lot of stuff went down. 

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    Charlie Brown is too deep it makes me cry.


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    Where do babies come from?

    Seems legit.


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    #slurs cause its from one of their earlier eps but #classic #iconic #historic


  6. 3 years


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    Secret Bay - Dominica, Caribbean Islands

    A stunning Caribbean playground set on the picturesque island of Dominica, Secret Bay boasts a wonderful collection of hilltop villas and bungalows which, in addition to their beautiful natural surroundings, offer the ultimate in privacy and sustainable luxury. Designed by award-winning architect Fruto Vivas, all accommodation units at this fabulous eco-friendly resort have been built in perfect harmony with the natural environment and appointed with elegant red cedar furnishings made by local craftsmen.



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    "The living staircase" designed for Ampersand by Paul Cocksedge.

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